Early Childhood Education Programs

Early Childhood
Education Programs

Programs for Infant to School-Aged Children

Adhering to the InvestiGator Club Curriculum, the child care and early childhood education programs at The Children’s Village have been developed by our team of experienced and highly skilled caretakers and educators.

We believe nurturing the youth of today can provide a bright future, and we relish in this responsibility. Our programs and services are adapted appropriately for each age range, covering each stage of their advancement to ensure their developmental success. Located in Richmond Hill, GA, we welcome infants, toddlers, and preschoolers throughout Bryan County and the Savannah metropolitan area.

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Infant Program

Six Weeks to One Year

Our infants engage in age-appropriate activities to promote the development of their abilities in a warm, nurturing environment. The Children’s Village recognizes the importance of your child’s first teacher. As such, our infant teachers have the necessary training and curriculum skills to interact with your child in a gentle, welcoming, and effective manner. Regular parental interaction is also extremely valuable and welcomed, so we will encourage a daily dialogue about things like your child’s feeding schedule to enhance your experience and awareness.

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Toddler Program

One to Two-Year-Olds

Our purpose and goal within our toddler program is to support each child so that he or she will begin to acquire skills that support development and school success. This includes the advancement of personal relationships, self-awareness, self-control, and self-expression. Our toddlers enjoy experimentation and exploration. This enables the development of self-help skills, independence, and success.

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Preschool Program


Our purpose and goals within our preschool program is to build on the three-year-old’s, “I can do it!” attitude. We use integrated hands-on activities to challenge our three-year-olds. Our teachers use experimentation and exploration to engage a higher level of thinking involving language, math, social, and motor skills. All of this is done while we incorporate fun with a challenging learning experience.

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Pre-K Program


Private Pre-K

Our Pre-K program helps children become independent, self-confident, and enthusiastic learners. The program encourages children to develop good habits and daily routines. The Children’s Village uses child-centered instruction that allows our teachers to facilitate learning in a rich environment that fosters children’s initiative, exploration, and collaborative interaction.

GA Lottery Program

This is a lottery program funded by the State of Georgia that allows public school children to receive a private school education. Click here to view Bright From the Start information.
Call us at 912-756-8688 for more information on how we can help with this.

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Before & After School Program

We understand that for many busy and working parents, it is challenging to find an enriching environment for your child during those hours before and after school. This challenge also applies to school holidays, as well as those long, hot, and lazy days of summer. The Children’s Village offers before and after school and school holiday care, as well as summer camp. We instill the love of learning in children ages 5 through 9 years old. We’re so excited to offer homework help, supervised activities, and child-directed play in a safe, friendly, and clean environment.

Curriculum-Based Summer Camp

During the summers, our entire school goes into summer camp mode. Children continue to learn, but we up the level of fun with theme-based learning. This comes in the form of games like Mother Goose, bouncing castles, Zumba, yoga, pottery classes, and more. We bring all the fun to our location, so parents never have to worry about us bussing children somewhere else.


Ballet with Lisa Bradley

Soccer Shots

Music Coming Soon!


Amazing Athletes

Outdoor Classroom Coming Soon!

A big Thank You to Hasley Recreation for all the hard work on our new playground. We are very excited and looking forward to many years of enjoyment. Our playground will be ready for use by the end of July!

To learn more about enrollment, contact us at 912-756-8688.

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